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National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and the seventh session of the seventh session

Author£ºnewanhua¡¡¡¡Release date£º2018/12/25 11:01:11

The National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and the seventh session of the Abrasives were successfully held in Zhuhai from November 27th to December 1st.
Member of the 7th National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and members of the four technical committees of general abrasives, ordinary abrasives and silicon carbide special products, superhard materials and products, coated abrasives, special consultants, observers and related units Representatives, a total of more than 180 people attended the meeting.

The general meeting was presided over by Liu Mingyao, chairman of the 6th National Abrasives Standards Committee, and Zhao Yanjun, chairman of the 7th National Abrasives Standards Committee. Director Hu Yuming of the China Machinery Industry Federation read out the approval documents of the National Standardization Management Committee on the 7th National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and the four sub-technical committees, and together with Director Li Jiyun of China Machine Tool Industry Association The members of the session issued a letter of appointment.
Bao Hua, Secretary-General of the National Abrasives Standards Committee, gave a report on the work report and financial revenue and expenditure report of the Sixth National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee to the General Assembly. The work report is divided into three parts: (1) Summary of the work of the sixth session of the Standards Committee. The report has established a more complete standard system, improved the standardization and scientificity of the project work, significantly improved the quality and efficiency of the standard revision, comprehensively carried out the standard review, actively carried out the standard publicity and training, and deepened. It has carried out international standardization work, strengthened the organization and management of the Standardization Committee and other major tasks. It systematically summarized the achievements of the Sixth Standardization Committee and the importance of the transformation and upgrading of the service industry and high-quality development. The role also pointed out the problems of the sixth session of the Standards Committee in the attendance of the annual meeting of the committee is not high, the international standardization work gap is large, the rate of request for comments is low, and the standard revision work needs further improvement. (2) The work plan of the seventh session of the Standardization Committee. The report has comprehensively planned from seven aspects: strengthening the standard system construction, improving the safety standards of abrasive tools, further strengthening the standard system revision management, strengthening the implementation of standards and implementation effects, doing a good job of standard review, improving the internationalization level of standards, and strengthening the management of members. The work of the seventh session of the Standards Committee. (3) Key work arrangements for 2019. The report arranged the key work in 2019 from the aspects of standard revision, standard revision planning, international standardization, training of committee members and standards drafters, and standard publicity.
The conference commended the advanced members and advanced individuals of the 6th National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee. Liu Yibo, deputy director of the National Abrasives Standards Committee, read the commendation decision and commended 37 advanced committee members and 43 advanced individuals. The conference awarded medals to advanced committee members and issued honorary certificates for advanced individuals.
The conference appointed the consultants of the seventh session of the Standards Committee. Liang Zhihong, deputy director of the 7th National Abrasives Standards Committee, read the consultant's appointment documents and hired 5 experts including Liu Mingyao as consultants for the 7th National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee. Chairman Zhao Yanjun issued a letter of appointment for five experts.
Liu Mingyao, chairman of the 6th National Abrasives Standards Committee, delivered a speech at the conference. He first congratulated the establishment of the new National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and the four sub-technical committees; then reviewed the work of the 4th, 5th and 6th Standardization Committees and expressed their own voices: First, I would like to thank the superior leaders for their trust and support for his work. Second, I would like to thank the members and the Secretariat for their support of his work in the past three sessions of the Standardization Committee. Third, thank the members for his past three sessions. There is insufficient tolerance in the work; finally, I wish the new session committee to achieve even better results under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Yanjun.
Director Hu Yuming of the China Machinery Industry Federation and Director Li Jiyun of the China Machine Tool Industry Association gave speeches at the conference. Director Hu Yuming first congratulated the establishment of the 7th Standardization Committee and the four sub-committees, the achievements of the Sixth Standardization Committee and the four sub-committees, and the director of the sixth session of the Standardization Committee. Thanks to Ming Yao¡¯s fruitful work. In his speech, Director Hu highlighted three requirements: First, study hard and raise awareness. The state has successively issued policies and documents on standardization. Everyone must learn comprehensively and raise their awareness and level. The second is to cooperate and win-win. Members must cooperate sincerely, cooperate with each other, obey the overall situation, obey the organization, and achieve a win-win situation. The third is to follow the procedure. It is necessary to carry out work in a legal and compliant manner in accordance with the requirements of the relevant management system; members must strictly abide by the procedural requirements, and work hard to complete the tasks at all stages. Finally, Director Hu hoped that the new session committee would achieve better results under the leadership of the new chairman.
Director Li Jiyun mainly introduced the economic operation of the machine tool industry and the key work of the association. In introducing the economic operation, Director Li said that the whole industry showed a recovery growth in the first half of the year, but it changed after September. Some industry orders have dropped significantly, mainly due to five factors: 1 financial reform, 2 Supply side reform, 3 new and old kinetic energy transformation, 4 ecological civilization reform, 5 Sino-US trade war. The superposition of the five factors makes the current economy in an adjustment period, but this adjustment is not the most difficult period. The key work of the association mainly includes the investigation of the status quo of the industry, 2 the docking activities around the users, 3 the relevant recommendations around the major special policies, the work of the 4 exhibitions, and the development of group standards. Director Li also stressed that adhering to innovative development is the only way. Our standard committee must also set high quality standards and lead the development of the industry. Finally, Director Li wished the meeting a successful victory! The speeches of the two leaders were detailed, insightful and thought-provoking, which caused a heated discussion among the participants.
Zhao Yanjun, the chairman of the 7th Standardization Committee, made a speech at the meeting and a concluding speech at the meeting. Regarding the appointment as the chairman of the 7th Standardization Committee, he thanked the superior authorities for their trust and affirmation of their past work, and the hard work of the previous session of the Standardization Committee in promoting the standardization work of the abrasives industry. The outstanding contributions made by the distinguished contributions and sincere gratitude, said that we must do our utmost to do our best, with the leadership and support of the superior authorities, together with all the members, unite the broad masses of colleagues in the industry, and strive to do a good job in the various committees of this session. Work, do not live up to the trust of the higher authorities, do not live up to the industry's ardent expectations for standardization work. In the concluding speech of the conference, Chairman Zhao Yanjun spoke on the following aspects of the work of the 7th Standardization Committee: First, further do a good job in industry research, accurately grasp the industry's demand for standardization, and lay a solid foundation for the standardization work. Second, continue to strengthen the construction of the standard system, and build a scientific, perfect and reasonable standard system in accordance with the requirements of industry transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. The third is to standardize the management of the standard revision process, and to form a scientific, rational and effective standard revision and management system in accordance with relevant state management regulations and the work requirements of the competent departments at all levels to improve work efficiency and quality. Fourth, attach great importance to international standardization, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, give full play to our industrial advantages, set goals for China-led international standards, and strive to make breakthroughs in substantive participation in international standardization activities; take the ¡°Belt and Road¡± as an opportunity, Promote China's abrasive abrasives standards to go out with products and technologies. The fifth is to put forward hopes and requirements for the members to strictly abide by the regulations of the committee and fulfill the duties of the committee members. Sixth, it put forward requirements for the Secretariat to further strengthen its capacity building. Finally, Chairman Zhao Yanjun called on everyone to start a new journey at a new starting point, live up to expectations and work hard, and make new and greater contributions to the standardization of abrasives in China.
In order to improve the business ability of the new members, this meeting invited the experts of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Comprehensive Standardization Expert Consultation Group and the senior professional training teacher Yu Meimei (formerly the Secretary General of China Machinery Industry Standardization Technology Association) to all the members. Standardized knowledge training. The training content includes two aspects: First, China's intelligent manufacturing standardization development ideas, Second, the standard framework structure and writing rules. Mr. Yu Meimei's in-depth explanations enabled the committee members to understand and master the requirements of the standard revision procedures and standard writing standards. At the same time, they had a new understanding of intelligent manufacturing standardization and broadened the new working ideas. People generally felt that they had benefited a lot.
According to the agenda of the meeting, the National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee and the four sub-technical committees held annual meetings and completed the following aspects: (1) Reviewed and approved the ¡°National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee Regulations (Revised Draft)¡± And the ¡°Working Rules of the Secretariat of the National Abrasives Standardization Technical Committee (Revised Draft)¡±. (2) The standard review draft was reviewed. A total of 13 standards were submitted for review, including one national standard, which is ¡°Detection and Marking of Abrasive Grain Size Composition for Consolidated Abrasives Part 2: Micropowder¡±; 12 industry standards, respectively, ¡°Ordinary Abrasive Packaging¡± , "Method for Determination of Magnetic Content of Common Abrasives", "Method for Determining Anti-crushing Force of Ordinary Abrasives", "Synthetic Large Single Crystal Diamond for Superabrasive Static Pressure Method", "Measurement Method for Compressive Strength of Super Hard Abrasives", "Solid Abrasive grinding wheel grinding wheel, "super hard abrasive product diamond grinding disc", "superhard abrasive product diamond abrasive cloth", "silicon carbide special product silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide burner sleeve", "silicon carbide special product weight Crystalline silicon carbide square beam, "silicon carbide special product reaction sintering silicon carbide crucible", "silicon carbide special product reaction sintering silicon carbide cantilever paddle". (3) Discussed the 2019 work plan. It focuses on the proposed standard revision project in 2019 and later planned in the ¡°13th Five-Year¡± technical standards system construction plan, and also reviews the newly proposed standard project.
The meeting completed the scheduled agenda and achieved a complete success.
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